Godless and Free: Life without Jesus

Lyrics by Nick Gisburne, from his book Blasphemy! Anthems for Atheists [Available on Amazon]
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Belief in a life hereafter
A place full of endless bliss
Is something to greet with laughter
A thought we should all dismiss

To fall down and serve forever
To make sure your life is saved
Is clearly a fool's endeavor
It's more like a life enslaved

Godless and free
Godless and free
Life without Jesus
No Hell to tease us
No mystery

One life to live, there's no repeat
Don't need a God to be complete
Love one another
There is no other
Godless and free

What gives to my life its meaning?
Would God be a better way?
I don't need his intervening
I choose my own path each day

I know my mistakes I'll pay for
So I try to do no wrong
I don't need to ask or pray for
A savior to make me strong
(Oh no)

Godless and free
Godless and free
Don't use the bible
It's unreliable
Read it and see

God's only dreams, he's just pretend
Treasure each day until the end
Live by the minute
One life you're in it
Godless and free
Godless and free
Don't let them teach you
They try to reach you

When you are down they bring a crutch
But you rely on God too much
Praise him no longer
You will be stronger
Godless and free

The Bible is bull
The hate's out of date
The Hell doesn't sell
I just can't relate
Belief brings you grief
If trust is a must
Then why trust a God not seen?

React to the facts
Despise all the lies
Implore God no more
He can't give replies
It's all in the book
But don't take the hook
Just keep your conscience clean

Godless and free
Godless and free
Who is to say
God hears when you pray?
There's no guarantee

Don't live your life by God's commands
Just take control, it's in your hands
There is no plan, be
All that you can, be
Godless and free
Don't praise his glory
Write your own story
Godless and free

Don't need devotion
Swim in life's ocean
Find your way through it
Just go and do it
I want to swear I'm
Here to declare I'm
Godless and free